Book Review: Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton

Judas Unchained (Commonwealth Saga, #2)Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton
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Judas Unchained is the perfect conclusion to the confrontation set forth by Pandora’s Star between the human race, the Prime, and the Starflyer.

If you liked Pandora’s Star you will love Judas Unchained. If you didn’t, you still might love Judas Unchained. Many parts of the story reminded me of other great sci fi stories. The Prime acted much like the Borg from Star Trek. The search for Starflyer agents reminded me of the Cylon mysteries of Battlestar Galactica. Similarities do occur but the originality of this story by Peter F. Hamilton far surpasses any established cliches or trends.

Like many other books that establish a far reaching universe along with many diverse characters, maintaining the connections between those characters and their relation to the universe is sometimes a challenge for the reader. It was for me in Pandora’s Star, especially at the beginning, but once I got into Judas Unchained I knew enough backround on each of the characters and on the overall universe that keeping up wasn’t hard at all. In fact knowing the backround made Judas Unchained that much more enjoyable when changes started to occur so I would not recommend skipping Pandora’s Star.

Finding such a hard science fiction space epic like this, for me, has been difiicult since many include some fantasy elements. I am looking forward to the reading Hamilton’s Void trilogy which takes place in the same universe thousands of years later.

Like Pandora’s Star I “read” or listened to the Audible version of Judas Unchained narrated by the great John Lee. He also narrates the Void trilogy which makes me even more excited to get to them. Lee is quickly becoming my favorite narrator and after finishing all the Hamilton books that he’s performed as well as the Alastair Reynolds books he’s done I may pick up authors I normally wouldn’t because of John Lee.

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